NDKSN200110159262 - The Gun 2021 - Size: 174

Nidecker The Gun 2021 - 174 - Snow Surf Quiver

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Nidecker The Gun 2021 - 174 - Snow Surf Quiver

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As a true surf gun, this board is made for those who want to charge. Long side cuts radius and long running edges provide stability while still allowing you to carve like no one else. We also created a shorter version for those who want to charge but with less speed.



  • Surfy camrock

Surfy camrock delivers that special feeling of surfing on snow sought after by a new generation of freeriders. With a long rocker in the nose for optimal float and regular camber through the midsection and tail, it has all the reactivity you need to ride with lots of setback and a very short fish tail.



  • Light core

Our lightest core – featuring “ different wood types. The light core is a perfect combination of paulownia for lightness, poplar for pop and responsiveness, and hardwood beech stringers along the edges to increase core durability, pop and protection from edge impacts.



  • N-9000 base

Produced with carbon nanoparticles, the n-9000 has a very dense molecular structure, which makes it our fastest, most durable base material.


  • Tinted Resin

  • Triax fiberglass

The result of extensive testing with our riders and engineers, our triax laminate is oriented at to the board, and contains different glass densities. This provides consistent torsional flex, better pop, and more reactivity on every turn.

  • Biax fiberglass

Our standard biaxial fiberglass is designed to offer a forgiving ride and predictable torsional flex. It's bombproof, reliable and perfect for all types of terrain and riders.



  • R10 series

This 10 meter radius is the longest in our line, designed for heavier riders, and anyone who wants a stable board for laying down really drawn out, horizontal carves.

Maggiori Informazioni
Brand Nidecker
Stagione 2021
Condizione Nuovo
Taglia 174
Colore Nero
Rigidità 5
Serie Gun
Sesso Uomo
Fascia d'Età Adulto

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