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ION Neo Top 0.5 LS men 2024, 52/L, 900 black

114,99 €

1 c/o Showroom Torino

ION's Neo Top 0.5 LS men has a more detailed and technical construction than standard rashguards, providing 100% UV protection, efficient heat retention, and a reduction in irritation and bruising, often caused by the harness or surfboard. The flexible ouMax_Flex:

Max_Flex is our latest innovation in flexibility and stretch. The unique rhombus-shaped structure of this lining material allows it to be more flexible. Furthermore, the material doesn't soak up water but redistributes it through small channel

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Stagione 2024
Codice Prodotto 48232-4202
Brand ION
Sesso Uomo
Size 52/L
Colore black
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